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Online Banking Browser Security Upgrade Notice

As part of our ongoing focus on security, SCU is upgrading our digital banking service to not allow connections by older unsupported browser versions that are no longer patched for security vulnerabilities (such as Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, and Google).

As with many security improvements, this upgrade might prohibit some members from connecting to online banking based on unsupported versions of the web browser they are currently using. The following browser versions will no longer be supported after the upgrade is in place:

  • Internet Explorer versions prior to 11
    • Includes all versions of Internet Explorer released for Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Chrome/Chromium versions prior to 48
    • Includes all versions of Chrome on Android devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and earlier
    • Includes all versions of Chrome on Windows XP and Vista
  • Firefox versions prior to 44
    • Includes most versions of Firefox on Windows XP and Vista
  • Safari versions prior to 10
    • Includes all versions of Safari on iOS/MacOSX 9 and earlier
  • Opera versions prior to 12.18
    • Includes many versions of Opera on Windows XP and Vista

After the upgrade has been installed, if you attempt to connect to our online banking with one of the browser versions listed above, a ‘Secure Connection Failed’ message or something similar might display. If you get this message, the browser version you are using is not current. You will need to upgrade to the current version before being able to connect to online banking again.

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