Club Accounts

Club Accounts

SCU offers Christmas and all purpose club accounts.

Enjoy stress free holiday shopping and family vacations with our Christmas and all purpose club accounts. No more dreading the financial strain! It’s an affordable and easy way to save money.

Make deposits into your Christmas club account throughout the year, and every year on November 1st, we will transfer the money directly into your savings or checking account with SCU. Whew! Holiday shopping will be stress free.

The all purpose club account is a great way to make saving easier for that next vacation, wedding, college expense or any other thing life throws at you. This account can be opened at any time throughout the year.

Bylaw Requirements

Your Southbridge Credit Union membership is established by a prime share savings account with a $5.00 minimum balance. Once you’re a member, you can establish as many Christmas club and/or all purpose club accounts as you’d like.

Minimum Balance Requirements

The minimum balance required to open each account is $10.00. Read Full Disclosure.