Community Citizenship

Adding value through community citizenship is our job. In a variety of ways through the year, we strive to provide practical support to the communities we serve. Our aim is to strengthen the quality of daily life, and we do this on our members’ behalf.

Our support includes:

  • Lead Donor to the Harrington Memorial Hospital Capital Campaign
  • Lead Donor to the Southbridge Public Library Capital Campaign
  • Lead Donor to the Tri-Community Area YMCA Capital Campaign
  • Sponsor and Host of the Annual Year-End Holidays Kids Coloring Contest

Each of those community-based institutions serves very sizable numbers of area residents and workers. Our support also extends to area veterans organizations.

Financial education represents a central focus of our ongoing efforts in community citizenship. For our members, we:

  • Sponsor the Southbridge High School Branch, which, as a functioning entity within the public school system, offers professional level, direct learning opportunities for students.
  • Award each year to several area graduating high school seniors scholarships toward college tuition and funds for vocational-technical career tools.
  • Write, bi-monthly, a household-oriented financial information column in the Southbridge Evening News and other newspapers published by Stonebridge Press.

Since 1993 we underwrite, through the Community Champions Fund and its predecessor Neighborhood Fund, $1,000 cash awards to each of four nonprofit grassroots organizations delivering assistance where it can make constructive differences in the lives of individuals and families. We are proud that this effort has been recognized with the Credit Union League of Massachusetts’ Statewide Award for Social Responsibility.

Further, in the pivotal matter of member communications, we are equally proud to have won, from the Credit Union League of Massachusetts, the Statewide Award for Excellence in Member Education Communications, for our quarterly member newsletter, entitled “You.”

SCU is also pleased to support the Literacy Volunteers of South Central Massachusetts where they are committed to providing free literacy assistance and enrichment, primarily through volunteers, for adult residents of South Central Massachusetts. Volunteers provide individualized, one-on-one tutoring at no cost. To learn more about Literacy Volunteers, visit

Community Donations Fund

SCU’s Community Donations Fund is a continuing program designed to add to the quality of life in south central Massachusetts. The Community Donations Fund began in 2003 as the Community Champions Fund, with the retirement of the Neighborhood Fund, through which SCU aided 41 local nonprofit agencies and organizations. National credit union officials believe that this form of community support is the first of its kind in the nation.

The Community Donations Fund is one of a variety of community outreach and education activities conducted by the Southbridge Credit Union.