Young Black Father Reading to His Daughter

Adding value through community citizenship is our job.

As part of our National Credit Union Youth Month, please help us support local organizations by donating new and gently used children’s books at any SCU branch during the month of April.

Reading aloud is the most important activity that parents can do to increase their child’s chance of reading success. Reading is a pathway for young adolescents to gain knowledge, to succeed in school, to discover themselves, and to understand the world before them.

The Children’s Book Drive celebrates the value of reading by providing thousands of books that give children hours upon hours of reading to open their imaginations and become inspired. Children are curious, love to learn and enjoy exploring new ideas. When reading, a child can go anywhere in the world…or even to the moon! They can be a leader, an inventor, or even a queen…the possibilities are endless.

Please consider participating by donating new or gently used books. The effort is easy, and the rewards are greater as reading helps children expand and develop their minds and imaginations.