It’s Time for Change!

You asked, and we listened!

Over the last few months, some of you participated in surveys to evaluate your banking experience. Hearing directly from our members helped us re-evaluate the banking process and work to make it easier. We are incredibly fortunate to have engaged members with great feedback. As a result of that, today we unveil an SCU born from change—change that will help us grow stronger as a community and collectively propel us forward.

Our bold, vibrant new logo celebrates everything SCU stands for. Our new icon is made up of simple, straightforward shapes to reflect this new direction while staying grounded in the same trust and a can-do attitude we’ve always shown. The shapes come together to form the letter ‘S,’ much like SCU comes together to help members achieve their financial goals. A vibrant color palette was chosen to reflect our energy, our spirit, and our pride in all things SCU. Our new colors are bold and fresh, signifying a bright new outlook.

What remains the same is our commitment to you—our members and our communities. In the spirit of “We’ve got you,” we promise to make your banking experience easier. We pledge to continue working in our communities…because giving back is our jam!

Everyone here will still have the same mission: to create an unbeatable customer experience. We have a history we are proud to recall. We have done great work, but we’re not done yet. Let’s change banking together. We’ve got you!