From Mailbox to Inbox: 5 Reasons Why eStatements Make Good Sense

Monthly statements weren’t always paperless. Even now, they don’t have to be. But here are the top 5 reasons why more and more Southbridge Credit Union members have been opting in for eStatements for their checking and savings accounts instead of having traditional paper statements mailed to them.

  1. Instantly available—No waiting on mail delivery. You’ll be notified by email the moment your statements are ready to view.
  2. Increased security—Encrypted electronic delivery and your banking credentials keeps your sensitive information secure, with no risk of it falling into the wrong hands, being stolen, or getting delivered to the wrong address. 
  3. Financial savings— You’ll save up to $60 per year ($5/per statement) by signing up for eStatements. It’s cost-effective for you and the credit union.
  4. Eco-friendly—There’s an immediate positive impact to the environment: no trees will be harmed in the creation of your eStatements.
  5. Instant search and retrieval— With eStatements, finding and retrieving up to 12 months of previous statements is easy. They take up no physical space and never require shredding, which reduces paper clutter.

Members can receive one month-end combined statement containing all savings, checking, and loan activity conveniently delivered to their inbox. And within the SCU 2 GO app, members can view their statements via the eStatements tab, where they can also be downloaded.

If you have additional questions about banking statements, online banking, or any of our member services, call us during business hours at 888-599-2265, or email us anytime.